POSSE Hen Party

Want to join an online chat group that is chatty, creative and supportive of each other?? The POSSE is that group and YOU are inviteed to join us. The chats are in the MSAT classroom/chatroom on Thursdays and Sundays at 10am and 7pm CST all year long, holidays included.

WHAT are the advtanges of joining the POSSE?
-FREE - no membership fees or dues for MSAT members
-No rules -- well just one -- no flaming!
-Freedom to discuss any subject especially dolls
-Periodical group swaps or one-on-one swamps
-Annual POSSE Parade to showcase our work
-A Traveling Doll Project, yes she travels the world
-Fellowship - we truly care about each other

Please try us out! We love company.


My name is Deb Laue and as of this week I will be taking the reins of
the Posse Hen Party along with Bobbi Hargett. I want to invite all of you to consider joining us in the chat room. We meet 4 times a week on Thursdays and Sundays. It is a place to chat with like minded folks. We chat about what ever is on our minds that day. For many it is a lifeline to the mini world and a support group for those who need love and encouragement.

We did a garden swap this spring and you will see several of the items from the swap in many of the Parade photos.

Our swaps are theme based and have been both one on one swaps and make and exchange with all who sign up swaps. We have very few rules but set deadlines for shipping and require swappers to be active members. Folks have all skill levels and specialties so our swaps are always fun to open.

We also created over a dozen different kits made by Posse members and sold at a reasonable price. Some were taught in the chatroom.

Deb Laue
www.dragonflyintl.com/shop <http://www.dragonflyintl.com/shop>